67 Positive Affirmations for Children

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67 Positive Affirmations

Doesn’t it feel sooo good when someone affirms your goodness? It’s like a comfy blanket over you, that feeling when you know the person you love and look up to thinks incredibly of you.

Having someone affirm you makes you want to do more good, because after all, you’re feeling so good inside and being affirmed for it too.

That’s our human nature. When we feel good, we do good. 

And that’s the same nature of your child.


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I’m a mother of four children, and there have been times that I focus more on what they are not doing correctly than what they are doing well on. So, this list is just as much for me as it is for you. 

I’m sharing 67 words of affirmations for kids.

There’s also a printable available for you to download. Print it out and put it on your refrigerator as a daily reminder of the affirmations you can share with your child.



Free printable for positive affirmations



Positive affirmations makes us do better

When you stay inside your head and in the negative space that comes your way (as it does to us all), you are likely to feel badly inside. But research shows that when we make the shift to a positive affirmation, we actually change not just our thought process but our behavior -- in a positive way.

Practicing self-affirmations in a pride-based way makes you want to be a better person. In fact, giving yourself affirmations as a mother, makes you a better mother. Think about it -- such an easy way to improve yourself by simply talking good about yourself.

Positive affirmations work the same for children. Children seek to be loved and protected by their parents. They want to be accepted by those they love the most. Since they are not yet capable for fully self-regulation, they look to us, as parents, to help them regulate emotionally. 


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Giving your child positive affirmations each day is a loving way of increasing your child’s ability to feel good about themselves, and in that way, to want to do good.

When you find that your child is misbehaving more than usual, the first question to ask is --- does my child need more attention from me? Does my child need more positive affirmations?

Try giving your child daily affirmations and you’ll begin to see more harmony and calmness in your home.

Children learn from what we do a lot more than what we say. These affirmations are both for you to self-affirm yourself and for you to show your positive affirmations to your child by saying them to your child.

How to use this list of positive affirmations

Each day, choose one or two affirmations that you will say to your child. Use the affirmations that are fitting for your child and that you can say authentically. 

Say them to your child, and also have your child choose an affirmation that they want to say about themselves.

Go even further and write the affirmations in a post-in note and place it in a Affirmations Board that grows each week. 


Positive affirmations

67 Positive Affirmations for Children

1. You are enough.
2. You are kind.
3. I am proud of you.
4. I like you.
5. I love being your mother.
6. You are a good friend.
7. You have an adventurous spirit.
8. You are gentle.
9. You are loving.
10. You are beautiful.
11. You were born to shine.
12. I believe in you.
13. You believe in your dreams.
14. I believe in you.
15. You love me so beautifully.
16. You know what you want
17. You are playful.
18. You are fun.
19. You are intriguing.
20. I like spending time with you.
21. I enjoy listening to you talk.
22. You have a beautiful smile.
23. You are funny.
24.Your hair is lovely.
25. Your eyes are amazing.
26. I want to hear your thoughts.
27. I like listening to your questions.
28. You ask such good questions.
29. I like how you play with your toys.
30. You are so strong
31. You feel your feelings.
32. Your heart is magical.
33. I love your cuddles.
34. Your laughter is pure happiness.
35. I like that you come up with cool ideas.
36. I love your spirit.
37. You are thoughtful.
38. You are an important part of this family.
39. You do not need to be perfect.
40. Mistakes are ok.
41. Accidents are a part of life.
42. You are persistent
43. You are resilient.
44. You are a leader.
45. Your body is perfect exactly as it is.
46. Your family will be there for you.
47. You are part of a team that loves.
48. You are caring.
49. You are a helper
50. You are forgiving.
51. You are giving.
52. You are an artist.
53. You are a creator.
54. You are beautifully unique.
55. You are intuitive.
56. You are wise.
57. You are a great reader.
58. You are grateful.
59. You are organized.
60. You can do it.
61. You are the best.
62. You are powerful.
63. You're a cool foodie.
64. You’re exploratory.
65. You love yourself.
66. Your happiness is contagious.
67. You are brilliant.


Positive, pride-based affirmations build confidence in children and encourages them to do positive behavior. This list of 67 positive affirmations for children can be used each week to bring kind harmony to your daily mothering days.


Do you have your own positive affirmations that you love? Comment and post them below.


With kindness,
Giselle Baumet

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