Creating Rituals

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I absolutely love this definition of Rituals

Rituals can be defined as special actions that help us navigate emotionally important events or transitions in our lives as well as enhance aspects of our daily routines to deepen our connections and relationships. (by NAEYC) 


Mmmm..that definition feels good to me.


Rituals enhance our lives. They are comforting and grounding. I believe rituals are essential to our lives. These repetitive and oh so special actions that we repeat each day can significantly reduce stress and lift our emotional wellness. They become special to us, like a good book we go back to all the time, a soothing hug, and that sweet feeling of loving words.


Rituals are the most simplest way we can love ourselves.


I'll share rituals I've created and maybe this will inspire you to create your own.


Awakening My Home and Spirit

I've mentioned this before, but I wake up before my kids wake up. It's the only time these days that I am alone and it's how I ground myself and begin my day.


When I wake up, I open my living room patio door (yes even at 5am..) enough to let some fresh morning air in. I then heat up some water, cut a slice of lemon to place in a glass jar, and I begin to drink warm lemon water.


I take my palo santo and smudge the living room and kitchen area (also why I have my patio door open). I then grab the crystals I will use for meditation. And I begin diffusing aromatherapy in the living room.


In my living room floor, I lay out my yoga mat and do morning stretches for a few minutes. Once my body feels open, I set a timer for the amount of time I have left (before one of my kids needs to wake up) and I meditate.


Take a deep breath when done, roll up my mat, put away my crystals, close the patio door and go to wake up whoever needs waking for the day.

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Refreshing My Soul

During the day time I like to smudge my home whenever I feel there's a need for energy shift, but the one ritual I hold dearly is around 6pm, when I empty my aromatherapy diffusers (Read related article: Essential Oils for Happiness) and add lavender essential oil for the winding down and soothing sleep that's coming soon.


Bedtime Rituals

Some of my rituals include my children, such as our bedtime ritual. My three boys' bedtime is 8pm and so before their bedtime, I give them a massage, while infusing lavender essential oil in their room. And once they are in bed, I go to each child's bed and share with them three things that I appreciated about them that day and wish them goodnight.


I encourage you to create your own bedtime rituals, these are such lovely ways to end the day in a positive emotionally sweet way.

Womb Massage Ritual

The week before my menstruation and during my menstruation, I do womb massages in the evenings, before bedtime. I personally use a diluted blend of Clary Sage and Geranium Essential Oils for my womb massage.


I find that these oils balance my hormones and wake up my intuitive senses. I've made the same blend for my teenage daughter and taught her how to do womb massages as well.


I share mine to get your creative juices going to think of your own rituals that are going to fill your mind, body and spirit with goodness. I invite you to develop yours and share them with others (if it feels right to you) to inspire them to create rituals as well.




With kindness,
Giselle Baumet

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