Essential Oils for Happiness

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Essential oils for happiness


There are various essential oils that mothers can use to give themselves more energy, better rest, reduce anxiety or feelings of sadness, increase your emotional well-being and happiness.


Having used essentials for 20+ years, I will share the ultimate list of essential oils for mothers, including essential oil diffuser blends and recipes for relaxation, calm, and mood-boosting.



Aromatherapy is a non-invasive complementary intervention to promote physio-psychological comfort in postpartum women.


You're a mom, so you know that it is true what they say, "the days are long, but the years are short." But, as much as you adore and love your little ones, your body, mind, and soul are full "on" when you're mothering.


Some days can feel harder than others when it comes to motherhood, and we all could use as many natural resources as possible to help us be at our best mothering days.


I mean, there's so much coffee can do, right?


Especially when we have plant-medicine to helps us feel energized, calmer, and better about ourselves and the world around us. (Nothing wrong with coffee...I love mine!)


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There are hundreds of articles online about essential oils. But you're a savvy, careful mom. You want to use essential oils, but you may not know which are all the oils for you and, most importantly, how to use them safely.


I've been using essential oils for 20 years.


I started using essential oils twenty years ago. The love for these magical oils grew, and eventually, I added Aromatherapist to my long list of certifications.


At this point, I have over 400+ hours of aromatherapy and herbalism education behind me. And I consider myself a student for life when it comes to plant medicine.


I use essential oils regularly, and I can tell you that many benefits are evidence-based for mothers and essential oils. I experience these benefits every day as a mother myself.


When aromatherapy became mainstream, some companies began to give usage information that was not always the safest (read also "Why I Do Not Use doTerra or Young Living"), but certainly got you to use essential oils as much as possible (and buy more!). And as an aromatherapist, it was hard to navigate that message.


Essential oils are highly concentrated plant oils, whereas herbs are the leaves, flowers, or root of medicinal plants (read also Herbs and Aromatherapy for “that time of the month”). To produce a small bottle of Jasmine essential oil takes thousands of Jasmine flower petals. Despite what that friend who sells essential oils says, these should be used sparingly as a respect to the many plants needed to make essential oils.


I will be covering which essential oils are a must for mothers and easy ways to use them for your mothering wellness.


Essential Oils for Happiness and Mood-Boosting

These little glass bottles of essential oils are genuinely magical. 


The research supports the benefits of essential oils. One study found that when inhaling Lavender and Bergamot either as a single essential oil or in a mixture with other essential oils, mothers experienced relief to their depressive symptoms.


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In another study, Sweet Orange, Peppermint, Rosemary were found to decrease fatigue (because we could always use more energy in our lives as mothers).


So, only does aromatherapy smell amazing, but it also provides us with non-invasive, therapeutic benefits.


Complete list of essential oils that mothers should have at home:

There are many essential oils available to you, and in this list, I'm focusing on mother-friendly essential oils. Here's my complete list of essential oils I recommend. Because mothers often ask me which brands I use, I linked to where I get most of my essential oils.



*If you're pregnant, skip Clary Sage (there's a chance it can induce labor) and consider using it in labor and for sure in postpartum.


Bare down minimal essential oils I recommend

In many ways I'm a minimalist at heart, and if you are too, here's a simplified list of essential oils I recommend for mothers.



essential oil diffuser

Essential Oils Uses

Knowing which essential oils to use for specific purposes can feel overwhelming. Here's a simple way to know the various uses of essential oils for mothers.


Essential oils that reduce stress and anxiety and give you overall emotional wellness.


Essential oils to help you fall asleep and sleep well.


Energizing and mood-boosting essential oils.


Essential oils to help you focus and be more alert.


Essential oils to get your groove back and feel your feminine power activated.


Essential oils for when you feel depressed


How to Use an Essential Oil Diffuser

Inhalation essential oils using a diffuser (here's the diffuser I recommend to holistic healing clients) will be the quickest and easiest way for you to receive the benefits of essential oils (not to mention the safest as well!). In the majority of the studies, the benefits of essential oils were received solely by inhalation.



For example, one study found that inhaling Lavender's scent for four weeks can prevent stress, anxiety, and depression after childbirth.


You can make essential oil room sprays and spray them into the room (see recipe below), but I prefer to use a high-quality diffuser (like this one here, here or here) to send the aroma into my space.


How Does a Essential Oil Diffuser Work?

An aromatherapy diffuser combines the essential oil with water and will mist it into the room. A good essential oil diffuser has an on/off feature that mists the room for a certain amount of time and then stops, and continues again.


I keep a diffuser in each bedroom, the living room, and the kitchen (basically any space where we gather).


Essential Oil Diffuser Blends

I'm focusing on you as the mother in this blog post, but I tend to stay with Peppermint, Bergamot or Rosemary (day time) or Lavender (evening) for the kid's bedroom.



Reviving Morning Essential Oil Diffuser Blend

Not only does this blend revive you after a night's sleep, but also helps you be energized and focused for the morning.


Soothing Evening Essential Oil Blend

A great blend as you enter the later part of the day. For me, being on with my kids most of the day, by around 5pm, I start to hit a slump. This blend helps me reset and enter the evening dinner time with more energy, while also bringing calmness to the home.

(these are stronger scents, so I tend to need less than usual)


Goddess Essential Oil Blend

This blend is a lovely blend to add to your bedroom.


Sleepy Time Essential Oil Diffuser Blend

I keep this blend pretty straightforward and simple, using the oils to induce sleep and give us all a calming, restful night.


Essential Oils for Bath

I know that as a mother you may not always get time for a long soothing bath, but when you do, I recommend this blend.


essential oils for bath


Mother's Bath Essential Oil Recipe

This essential oils bath blend is for the much needed time to enjoy a long bath, mixed into a carrier oil like jojoba oil (this is the one I use).


You'll want 10 drops total, and you're able to add drops from either of those essential oils.


DIY Essential Oil Room Spray

I keep two essential oil room spray—one in the car and one for a quick refreshing aromatherapy boost.


Happy Place Car Essential Oil Spray

You'll need a glass spray bottle like this one, filled with distilled water. Mix in these oils and shake. Spray as needed when the car's energy/vibe with you or the kids need a vibe shift.



Essential Oil Mood-Boost Spray

As with the above mister, you'll also need a glass spray bottle and distilled water.


Using Aromatherapy As Part of Deeper Healing

Essential oils are a mother's best friend. They are nature's holistic, non-invasive way to bring you peace and relaxation or energy when you need it. Easy ways to use essential oils are in diffusers, sprays, or your bath.

As a mother, I have found that using a combination of holistic healing with aromatherapy has given me a better mindset in my motherhood.



With kindness,
Giselle Baumet


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