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I loved owning the largest sustainable, eco-friendly children's boutique in Southern California for 10+ years.

And in the years of experience with baby products, I've also talked to hundreds of mothers about what worked and didn't work well for baby during the first year. 

I learned sooo many mothers could've used a list of resources that helped them in those years of what feels like constant researching and hoping for the best.


And to this day, there's still not been a replacement for it in the area (hopefully someone will do that soon!).


Today, I still work with new mothers and have made it a point to continuously stay up to date to be able to provide a comprehensive list of recommendations to new mothers.


Because mothers needs are important, let's start first with the mother.

New Mom Essentials

Willow Hands-Free Breastpump

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My experience as a postpartum doula has taught me that new moms need a hands-free breast pump. Honestly, there are times you're holding your baby, trying to eat AND pumping at the same time. A hands-free breast pump is LIFE.


I highly recommend the Willow hands-free, all-in-one breast pump for nursing moms.

Snack and Food Deliveries

Moms get hungry! And taking care of a little one doesn't always allow for time for cooking, let alone making something for yourself.


Here are three of my favorite go-to online grocery deliveries:


Try the World (Snacks and Meal packs)

Once a foodie, always a foodie, even in motherhood! And as a self-proclaimed foodie myself, I loveee being able to try snacks and foods from around the world. Get a box of Try the World and see what you think. Bon appetit! 

Thrive Market

 I'm not sure where I'd be without this service! If you're into healthy foods or have a specialized diet (though this is just as good for general diets too!), this will make shopping soooo much easier.


Literally everything is at Thrive. You'll thank me later. :)


Plant Therapy Aromatherapy

You may know that I have over 400+ hours of aromatherapy education. So, when I say I'm into essential oils...I mean it. I'm also in the aromatherapy consultant community and a lot of us rely on Plant Therapy.


A couple of highlights to purchase include the CBD Full Spectrum line. You can also save up to 48% off when you order the 7&7 Essential Oil Set at Plant Therapy .


It goes without saying, but every new mom should have Organic Lavendar at home.


Food Sensitivity Test for New Moms

Knowing what may irritate your digestive system is everything for also knowing what may upset your baby's gut. Often times the foods that upset you, will also upset your baby. But instead of an elimination diet (which can be really challenging to do), I recommend just doing a food sensitivity test and starting there. You can order one here.


Baby Book App

I have an embarrassing number of ChatBooks photography books and I wouldn't have it any other way. :)


I love that with ChatBooks (by the way you get $10 off your first one!) I can put together a photo album in less than 10 minutes. I tend to do one every season. And my kids love going through the books and looking at their pictures.



Comfy Clothing

#momlife is real. But this doesn't mean that you don't get to enjoy clothes. You get to do so, while being comfy!


It was one of my employees at Granola Babies that turned me onto Jane. I had not heard of it!


Basically Jane lists super cute and comfortable clothing items for a limited time and you get to purchase them at really great prices.


You can also shop for Home and Kids items too.


Pro tip: I read all the reviews before purchasing and I tend go order only what is reviewed well. Because of that, everything I've gotten has been a win!


Milk Dust

There are not enough products available for nursing mothers. You would think purchasing a protein powder for example would be easy, but when your baby is going to get what is in the protein powder (through your breastmilk), it all becomes a little more challenging.


Milk Dust got you covered. Basically, Milk Dust has products for lactation and mother's nutrition with breastfeeding in mind.


New Baby Essentials



II honestly feel like this is one of those things that I need to just say, get a DockATot, and you'll thank me later for having told you that.


As a sleep consultant I used to worry because the babies I worked with LOVED their DockaTot and what would happen when they outgrow it. But, once DockATot came out with a toddler version --- I was in! Now, I just recommend it to all parents.


Baby Toys


When it comes to toys, please remember this: quality over quantity. Babies and children maximize their toy use when they have quality, developmentally appropriate toys.  And by quality, I mean sustainable, non-toxic, well-made toys that are going to benefit your child developmentally.


I'm really really picky about toys.


HABA Toys is my absolute go-to for babies through toddlerhood.


I often recommend these for babies as their first toys:

You can also get more Baby toys here.  And for toys that are selected for you based on developmental age, I highly recommend LOVEVERY.


The Play Gym by Lovevery



Earth Mama, Angel Baby

Earth Mama products specializes solely on natural, non-toxic products for mamas and babies. It was favorite at my store and I still give samples of Earth Mama and Motherlove (another one I love!) to new moms I postpartum doula with.


Solly Baby Wrap

Solly Wrap (and also Boba Wrap) are the only two baby carriers I recommend for new babies.


I sold baby carriers for 10+ years and consistently the only carrier that fit a new baby well was a baby wrap. It's my go-to for all new parents.

You can also gift a mother a package.


Snoo Smart Sleeper

Snoo Smart Sleeper is truly magic. I mean, it's not a replacement for parents, but it's a parent's best friend. It has everything a new baby loves - sound, movement, comfort and swaddling.

You can either buy it or rent it, but either option, you're going to love.


WaterWipes for Baby

WaterWipes for Baby


These are literally the only wipe brand I recommend in my classes. It's made of 99% water. Babies skin is very sensitive and if there's a rash, there's a strong chance it's because of the wipe. With WaterWipes your baby is getting cleaned in a very gentle and natural way. You can get it here.

I hope you've found this helpful! I will continue to update it so that you have everything I recommend to new parents available.


With kindness,
Giselle Baumet

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