Bringing Ease Back into Parenting During a Pandemic (Podcast)

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Parenting during a pandemic 


From my last count, it's it's been 100 years, three days, and 100000+ hours of a pandemic. The kids are getting antsy. And parenting is feeling heavy.


Have you experienced this?

  • More video games and media than you EVER thought you'd allow.
  • Routines left a long time ago.
  • People keep saying, "You can do so much now that you're home!" and you laugh.
  • You thought that with your spouse now home, you'd have so much more time for yourself...yeah, you also laugh (or growl) at that thought now.
  • Kids go bunkers by the afternoon.
  • Some days feel heavy.


If any of that resonates, please know that you and a million other parents feel the same some days.


Here are some tips on how ease parenting during a pandemic.


  • Create a simple, super easy to follow a daytime routine for you and your child.
  • Allocate video game and media time at various times (for example, after school work, after chores, while you cook dinner).
  • Set a duration for media times.
  • Plan one out-of-the-house activity every day (ideas - walk around the neighborhood, nature walk, going out for dessert, scenic drive).
  • Create space for connection (reading a book aloud, telling your kids stories, art time, making a craft, cooking together).
  • Take more mental health days for you and your child -- the days that you genuinely disconnect and be ok with doing nothing.


What other ways have you found to parent through the restlessness during the pandemic?


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