The ONE Thing to Do Now to Have a Teen You Can Trust

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Mom and daughter talking

At any age of your child, there's one thing you can do that will make all the difference to what your relationship will be like when they are teens.


And I'm telling you this from the experience of having learned this key parenting skill from many mothers, who attested to having had a trust-based solid relationship with their own mothers when they were teens.


Having done this with my own children (two who are now teens), I now have a strong relationship with my teenagers.


In this podcast episode, I'm sharing the parenting skill to build a good relationship with your child, that will benefit you greatly when they are teens.


And it's based on the same skills that are taught at The Parenting Alchemy membership, which is a researched blend of positive parenting, non-violent communication, and mindful parenting. Giving you real life parenting solutions while building your own confidence and wholeness.


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