What if My Essential Oil Doesn’t Have “Therapeutic Grade” On It?

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Therapeutic Grade Means Nothing

The word therapeutic grade on an essential oil bottle doesn’t mean anything. Now, now, let me explain.


There is no government agency or a generally accepted organization that certifies or issues therapeutic grade to essential oils. So, when you see the words “therapeutic grade” the question should follow — by whom?

There is no such grading or certification here in the USA. All pure and high quality essential oils can be used for therapeutic applications, but there isn’t one essential oil available in the USA that is actually a certified therapeutic grade essential oil.


Even one I have used in the past- doTerra is not a certified therapeutic grade (remember…there is no such thing in the USA). doTerra’s use of the term “certified therapeutic grade” is not a certification but a name they gave to their oils by themselves (not third party certification). It is confusing marketing strategies. This is why when shopping for essential oils you aren’t just looking for the word “therapeutic”.

There are plenty of quality and pure essential oils companies that do not use the words “certified” or “therapeutic” on their bottles or descriptions either online or in print. Yet these essential oils can be used for therapeutic applications just like some of the great essential oils in the market that like to use the word “therapeutic” on their bottles.

Anyone Can Write the Words Therapeutic on Their Products

Since anyone can write the words “therapeutic” on an essential oil, it’s best to look at other factors when buying essential oils.

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Buy essentials oils from reputable aromatherapists or essential oil companies that have good reputation. So many factors go into whether an essential oil is of good quality and purity.


The National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy has an article about the safety of aromatherapy that teaches how to choose good essential oils.



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