6-Week Connection-Based Parenting Masterclass

connection-based parenting

You've read the blogs, the books, the articles on how to parent with connection.


But, it just doesn't seem to work how it's "supposed" to in real life. And that's frustrating.


You're not new to this concept of parenting differently. I mean, you're aware that by choosing to parent with connection, you're going against the grain. But, you're ok with that - science and research backs you up.  And you know that parenting in this way is going to result in raising good human beings.  


The problem is that when you try the advice you read about or were taught by others, it just doesn't seem to work - at least not consistently. And you find yourself reverting to the ways you swore you'd not parent.


I created this masterclass for you


You and I are not that much different. I was in the same place when my children were younger. And I remember very much what it was like to try my "parenting tools" only to still find myself frustrated in not being able to parent how I wanted to - with connection and harmony.


Not only is this course based on years of research and real-life experience with parents over the last 15 years, but it's fully science-based.


Transform your parenting with the Parenting Alchemy's 6-Week Connection-Based Parenting Masterclass.


  • You will have the know-how and ability to reduce power struggles, frustrations, and the feeling of helplessness in parenting.
  • You will gain clarity and awareness to parent with connection daily -- finally, things will make sense and you won't always have to second-guess yourself.
  • Your home will go from chaos to harmony.
  • The shift in your children will be amazing to experience.
  • You will receive the answers to the frequently asked parenting questions - which are just like the questions you have as well. 
  • And you'll have support along the way because through this course, you receive an invite to a free month at The Parenting Alchemy membership.


The course is applicable to parents of children 15 mos - 13 years old.



Parenting course for mindful parenting

Connection-Based Parenting Course Modules

The course has six modules total and you complete one module a week.


→ Module 1: Understanding Secure Attachment


This is the basis of teaching your child how to have secure, healthy relationships by how you respond to your child on a consistent basis.  You will have a strong understanding of the foundations needed to create this secure attachment with your child.


→ Module 2: Connection-Based Parenting Basics


Do you feel that connected parenting or positive parenting may be similar to permissive parenting or that it won't allow you to have healthy parental boundaries? Or do you often wonder what exactly does it take to have harmony at home using connected parenting? 


You will learn the basics of connected parenting and what you can expect from your child as they grow up in this parenting style. 


→ Module 3: Re-Parenting Your Inner Child


You will examine how childhood wounds and hurts affect our ability to build strong connections with our children — and create a home of harmony and stress-free parenting.  Because we become connected-parents when we heal our own inner child, you will learn how to re-parenting your inner child so that you can reach your best parenting goals.


→ Module 4: Implementing Connection-Based Parenting in Daily Life


This is where we get deep into how to implement connection-based parenting in your daily life. You will receive parenting tools to enhance your parenting skills and examples of how to implement these daily.


→ Module 5: Nurturing the Parent


As busy parents, we often don't spend enough time caring for our own needs as individuals. Yet, this is important to not just mentor our children, but also to be able to parent from a good place.  In this module, we cover simple ways to nurture you, the parent.


→ Module 6: FAQs and Solutions


During the last 15 years of providing parent education, I've received frequently asked questions. You will receive detailed answers to frequently asked questions so that you can continue implementing connection-based parenting with success at home and in daily life.



This evidence-based course is the transformation of your parenting waiting to happen.

What will change in your family life when you step into your greatness as a parent?


Giselle Baumet

About the teacher


If you've ever been frustrated in how you're parenting, wishing you knew how to parent a little better, or wondering if you're parenting the right way, I can 100% relate with you.


I've been where you are now. 


My name is Giselle Baumet and I'm the mother of four children. For the last 15 years, I've taught mothering and parenting classes. However, when I had my first, I also didn't feel that I had the right parenting tools. And it was frustrating. 


I began a journey of finding ways to parent my child in a way that was connected, confident, and effective. Through this process, I became a Connection-Based Positive Parenting Educator, Birth Professional, and Perinatal Mental Health Specialist.


My courses are based on years of research, evidence-based parenting tools, and working with parents just like you.  And they generate real results in the lives of families.


I am a Certified Positive Parenting Educator, Childbirth Educator, Postpartum Doula, Aromatherapist and Herbalist, Reiki Practitioner, Certified Lactation Educator/Counselor, Certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, Certified Life Coach, CPR, and First Aid Instructor, Certified Positive Parenting Educator and Perinatal Mental Health Specialist.



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