Newborn Care, Breastfeeding & First Time Parenting Class

Newborn Care

Learn how to care for your newborn + how to breastfeed your baby + all the ins and outs of first time parenting.

You will leave this online course knowing exactly what to expect after birth, how to successfully breastfeed your baby, and how to navigate life as new parents.


What makes this online course different?


When you sign up for the Newborn Care, Breastfeeding & First Time Parenting Online Course, you get a comprehensive online course to go through at your own pace, and also LIVE discussions with Giselle Baumet.


Every month you have the option of joining the LIVE weekend Zoom call (scheduled each month) with Giselle Baumet as she answers your questions and gives additional discussions about newborns and new parenting.


"Giselle was a great instructor. We attended both the Infant CPR and Newborn Care classes which were both not only thorough but also engaging. She had great knowledge and recommendations and provided an environment where we felt comfortable asking questions that as first time parents, we might have otherwise been embarrassed to ask." - Ashley R.


This unique 3-in-1class for parents-to-be  is the result of having supported hundreds of parents and realizing the importance of preparing parents-to-be for their new baby and their new lives as first-time parents.


You'll prepare to understand how your baby communicates and their biological needs with ease and confidence. 


With the Self-Paced Newborn and First Time Parenting Class, you'll learn what many parents wished they had known when they had their first baby.



A 3-in-1 Class for all parents-to-be!

You'll learn:

  • diapering a baby

  • bathing a baby

  • umbilical cord care

  • newborn appearance

  • what you need to know to successfully breastfeed your baby

  • swaddling your baby 
  • the baby gear you need (and don't need!)

  • biological reasons why babies do what they do

  • getting out and about with baby


It's hands-on, interactive, and an amazing opportunity to learn so much in one day while getting also to ask questions about baby care and beyond. 


Perfect for the busy parent-to-be who wants to take a comprehensive, hands-on class that includes three essential sections - Newborn Care, Breastfeeding Your New Baby, and First Time Parenting Tips.


Newborn class


    What to Expect at this Online Newborn Care Course

    You receive 2-3 hours of course content (including your practice sessions). The best way to describe it would be a fun class, with open discussions (yes, as a bonus you'll be able to post questions and get answers), and hands-on learning. I teach in a relaxed way that is judgment-free and with a happy vibe. It's one of the most fun classes I teach!


    Having had four babies myself (learn more about me here), and also working with hundreds of postpartum moms, I honor the postpartum state for mother. So, in my classes, it's the partners doing all the hands-on skills like diapering, swaddling and bathing. And I find that partners love being able to be hands-on with their babies and support the mom through postpartum.


    The truth is that my classes draw in partners that are just as invested in parenting as the mother. And so they love learning how they can best care for their little one. And in this way, they also are nurturing mothers since she's getting to rest more during postpartum. It's a beautiful partnership.


    My husband and I are expecting our first baby and took the Newborn Care, Breastfeeding and First Time Parenting classes with Giselle.  The classes were very informative and enjoyable. Giselle presents the information in a very straightforward manner which I appreciate very much. The classes are well paced and fun thanks to her great sense of humor. I hope to take more classes with her and highly recommend her classes. She is very responsive to emails and texts. - Julie S via Yelp


    What You'll Need for the Newborn Class

    I recommend that you practice your skills with a baby doll or stuffed animal before your baby is born.


    For this class, the "props, you'll need are the same things you'll need when baby is here.


    Here are the "props" that you will need during the class to practice hands-on techniques.


    Let me know if you have any questions on brands (because you'll just use these with your new baby too).


    I'm happy to answer any questions you may have about this class or other classes/services. Please contact me anytime.



    The class takes place online and you have access to the class for three months. You also receive my extensive list of resources and handouts for new parents.


    You receive 2-3 hours of course content (including your practice sessions).


    This class is available as an Online Course and also in Private One-on-One Class (In-Person)

    Private classes are scheduled between you and me via email or text.



    The online course can be watched from any location and at any time. You get to take the course at your own pace.  

    Private (In-Person) one-on-one classes are available in Orange County and Los Angeles.


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