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Say goodbye to parenting from an overwhelming, stressful place.


As a member, you receive the know-how to parent in confidence and wholeness while raising good human beings.


You're here because you want to use connection-based solutions to build healthy boundaries and connect with your child. But, the HOW on doing that, while also taking care of yourself is hard to figure out.


The truth is that you can be a good parent and also experience these.


  • You get exhausted while parenting.
  • You get frustrated when you don't know how to parent through difficult challenges.
  • You want a connection with your child, but your triggers get in the way.
  • You wish you had more confidence in how you're parenting.
  • Even with the parenting solutions you already have, you want more support.
  • Your past hurts in life are affecting your ability to parent in wholeness.
  • And while you LOVE your kids, motherhood feels overwhelming.
  • You're tired of that anxiety, doubt, and guilt that comes with being a parent.


There are solutions.

When you join The Parenting Alchemy Membership, you have access to ongoing positive and mindful parenting courses and coaching, so you can parent with confidence and wholeness of your parenting skills.


You'll do this by going through the courses, joining the virtual monthly coaching calls and getting to ask your questions and receive expert answers.


What is "alchemy"?

Alchemy has more than one meaning, but in The Parenting Alchemy, it means the process of transformation. And that's what your parenting becomes as part of The Parenting Alchemy - a conscious transformation with life-long positive effects.


You learn to connect with your child, improve your parenting skills, parent from a conscious place, and receive monthly support and community.



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    What You Receive in The Parenting Alchemy Membership:


    • Receive access to parenting audios (VALUE $200+) that help you become the mindful parent you dream of being.
    • Ongoing support and answers to your parenting questions and concerns.
    • Monthly group coaching calls (VALUE $225 each month) that cover a new topic each month and give you the opportunity to ask questions and receive expert answers.
    • Connection-Based Parenting Handouts and Resources (VALUE $150).
    • Self-care and personal growth guidance (VALUE $175 each month) so that you can parent from a good place.
    • Guest speakers that improve your parental wellness and skills.
    • Discount on 1-on-1 Coaching for Member (VALUE $100 each month).
    • Discount on the 6-Week Connection-Based Positive Parenting Course
    • Plus monthly bonuses!


    You gain insight and guidance to feel your confidence in your parenting.


    "Giselle has been such a lifesaver for me as a Mom. I joined her  group when I had my baby.  Giselle is so knowledgeable, friendly, and always keeps it real and makes you feel like no question or complaint about parenthood is silly." - Katie B.

    As a Parenting Alchemy member, you join monthly virtual gatherings, receive exclusive content, and be part of a tight-knit community of conscious parents. You create and regain your confidence and empowerment as a mother and weave that empowerment through your personal life, relationships, and work.


    Parenting school



    Is The Parenting Alchemy for You?


    1. You don't want to do parenting alone.


    Inside The Parenting Alchemy, you gain a community of connection-based parents that support and cheer you on.


    2. You want to raise confident, kind, self-discipline human beings.


    Each month you receive monthly Connection-Based Positive Parenting classes via Zoom, plus gain access to all positive parenting courses and content in The Parenting Alchemy


    3. You want to be a self-aware parent.


    In The Parenting Alchemy, you'll learn more about yourself and your child, while also learning practical to re-parent your own inner child, so that you can do the same for your child.


    4. You want to enjoy parenting.


    The Parenting Alchemy uses Connection-Based Positive Parenting, Playful Parenting, and Non-Violent Communication to teach you how to parent in a positive way and enjoy the process of raising good human beings.


    5. You want confidence in your parenting.


    All of the content, classes, support in The Parenting Alchemy is science and evidence-based.  And connection-based parenting is proven to raise children that are problem-solving, confident, self-disciplined, responsible, and empathic.

    6. You want answers to your specific parenting situation.


    You'll gain access to the LIVE Zoom calls where you get to ask your pressing parenting questions and receive expert Positive Parenting answers.



    Alchemy Results


    Parent Reviews

    As a mom, having this was such a blessing.  I also learned so much from Giselle. She was non-judgemental and caring. I was having such a hard time with sleep and she was taught me so much about what was normal and what was not and what I could do for me and for my child as we went through sleep issues. I could go on and on about what this meant for me. I recommend it to all of my friends." -Grace
    With every conversation, Giselle listens and offers effective and practical advice, tailoring packages to suit the needs of the family. She really went above and beyond to help us, and we are forever grateful for her patience and expertise. She is a wealth of knowledge - Lauren
    This group was (and still is) so helpful for me! It was just wonderful to have support in motherhood  - Crystal


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    About Giselle Baumet, Founder of The Parenting Alchemy


    Giselle Baumet



    I'm Giselle Baumet, Connection-Based Parenting Expert, Birth Professional, Perinatal Mental Health Specialist, and mother of four children.  


    If you've ever been frustrated in how you're parenting, wishing you knew how to parent a little better, or wondering if you're parenting the right way, I can 100% relate with you.


    When my first child turned two I found myself with very few parenting tools to use, and a bit lost in which parenting style was going to be best for her and myself.


    I began heavily researching various parenting styles to find one that aligned in mutual respect between parent and child, in the parent being a mentor and guide, and gave me real parenting tools I could use daily. 

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    Be a FOUNDING member of The Parenting Alchemy Membership.

    You help pave the way and create the membership you need. And you'll receive a founding member monthly fee at a reduced price -- and locked-in for life.

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      To create a village of parents and gain support, I built large communities of like-minded parents. And eventually, I became a Connection-Based Parenting Educator and Coach, as a way to support other parents like you in this journey. And I experienced the importance of healing my own inner child so that I had the capacity to connect deeply with my children.


      Parenting is not easy. I won't sugar-coat that parenting is work, but it's sacred work. And I'll tell you that through Connection-Based Positive Parenting tools, you will raise children that are kind, confident, self-disciplined, problem-solvers with amazing social and life skills. And you'll experience self-awareness and personal growth in the process.

      Positive Parenting

      The Parenting Alchemy gives you connection-based parenting solutions for your specific parenting needs.


      Think of it as a short-cut to all the tools you need for parenting your child and getting solutions for your specific parenting needs.


      Inside The Parenting Alchemy, you receive the steps and process of navigating every situation in parenting, for children of all ages. You learn how to create strong connections with your child, experience harmony, and raise good human beings.



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